Green Policy

  • Sundogs Festival works hard to ensure that we leave as little mark on the local land and areas during and after our festival as possible. We try hard to ensure that we are sustainable and keep our impact on the environment to a minimum.
  • We need your help to ensure we are doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Please use the toilets provided, urinating on the land can have serious implications for the land
  • Please use the bins provided – all rubbish is recycled and disposed of properly
  • Please only use what you need – please do not leave showers or taps running.
  • Take your tents and equipment home with you – if you bring it intake it home
  • Please use public transport or car share to the festival.
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle – we have water taps across the site where you can refill your bottles
  • Please do not bring in glass bottles or prohibited items – these can cause serious damage to the land and people that use the site after the festival

@ 2021 Sundogs Festival | 17th-19th June 2022 | Mortimer Park | Kingsland | Leominster | HR6 9SB